Bath Bomb Moulds

Bath Bomb Moulds Australia wide shipping.

Bath Bomb Moulds in various sizes and designs and made from various materials including plastic, aluminium alloy or stainless steel.

How to use our Bath Bomb Moulds

1. Start by checking the bath bomb mixture’s texture. (It should feel like wet sand and it should hold together when you squeeze the mixture together in your hands).
2. Loosely scoop the mixture into each half of the bath bomb mould – overfilling each half.
3. Squeeze both halves of the mould together, very firmly. There should be so much excess mixture that the two halves of the mould do not touch. If the mould halves do meet, then it is likely that you do not have enough mixture so add more mixture and try again.
4.Leave the bath bombs in their moulds to set for 24 – 48 hours*. For best results, hold the moulds in place using thick rubber bands or a press.
5.To unmould the bath bombs, Gently twist the moulds until the bath bombs release.

* Note: You may prefer to unmould the bath bombs straight away (after 1 minute) and allow the bath bombs to set in the open air. The upside of doing this is that you can re-use the same bath bomb mould many times in the same batch. The downside is that if you leave the bath bombs uncovered in a humid environment they may fizz prematurely and become soft/mushroomed.

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Showing all 3 results