Store Policies

Payment Options
At Central Coast Soap Supplies (CCSS) we offer the following payment options:

Paypal is available via the online store checkout process.
You may use Paypal to pay using a credit card or bank account.
Our Paypal address is

Direct Debit
Account Name: Kylie Ann Atkinson
Bank: Commonwealth Bank
BSB: 062-000
Account: 11048663
Reference: Please enter your order number in the payment reference.

Credit Cards
We accept Visa and Mastercard by Stripe in person or via electronic invoice.

After Pay
We accept After Pay via the online store checkout process.
After Pay allows you to pay for your purchase in 4 interest free installments.

At Central Coast Soap Supplies (CCSS) we provide the best possible shipping rates for our customers.
Our shopping cart calculates the dead weight and cubic size of your order and provides a fastway and sendle quote.
Most of the time the shopping cart gets the freight calculation right, but when it doesn’t, we always refund the difference back to the customer when we process the order. For further information and indicative rates please visit our Shipping page.

Returns Policy

No products will be accepted for refund or replacement without evidence that the item is faulty.
We reserve the right to change our packaging and no refund or replacement will be provided due to a change in packaging.

If any equipment is found to be faulty (dead upon arrival) the customer should contact us and request a return authorisation. No products will be accepted for refund or replacement without a return authorisation. Once your return has been authorised we will ask that the goods be returned to us in original packaging. The product will then be replaced or refunded if we find that the product is faulty and agree that the item has not been damaged by customer misuse, abuse or neglect.

Due to the nature of our goods (perishable oils, butters, powders, surfactants and foodstuffs) we regret we cannot accept their return. Since we cannot ensure that our goods have been uncontaminated and stored properly by the customer, these are not returnable.


At Central Coast Soap Supplies we take privacy seriously.

We will not sell or provide your information to third parties. Your information will only be used for the purpose of order fulfillment, payment collection and shipping. Should we provide any sales or marketing communication in the future, this will only be by electronic means and you will be given the opportunity to opt out of any such communications. Currently we do not send any sales or marketing emails to our customers and store news is communicated via our Facebook page:

Limitation of Liability

At Central Coast Soap Supplies (CCSS) we sell a variety of ingredients and chemicals required in the creation of soap and other bath and body products. Many of these ingredients are corrosive, highly flammable or fine powders and require specialised personal protection equipment as well as safe handling by the customer.

Customers are advised to wear full-body personal protection equipment (PPE) at all times when working with our supplies and work in a well ventilated area, away from naked flames, small children and pets. We strongly recommend the use personal protection equipment including impervious gloves that cover the hands and forearms, protective eyewear, a dust mask (for fumes and/or airborne dust particles), as well as a full-body chemical suit and closed shoes.

The customer accepts all responsibilty for the use of any and all of the products received from us. Central Coast Soap Supplies accepts no liability for any direct or indirect adverse effects or consequences from the use of any of our products or supplies.

As a free service to customers we may offer our customers recipes or ideas regarding the creation of soap and other bath and body products. While all care is taken, we cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of the information and the customer accepts that they are personally responsible for conducting their own research and creating their own recipes. We recommend that our customers trial any new colour, fragrance or ingredient in small batches first.

In regards to cold process and hot process soap we strongly advise our customers to run all recipes through a soap calculator for lye measurement accuracy and test the safety of their soap prior to use. A ph meter, litmus paper or phenolphthalein can be used for this purpose. We cannot accept liability for direct or indirect consequences from the products that you create using our products or ingredients.

Many of our products are hazardous substances and are classified as dangerous goods. You accept the inherent risks of working with these products including their hazardous properties which include (but are not limited to) flammability, corrosiveness, inhalable dust or fumes. You accept that any of our products have the potential to combust, burn, stain and cause other damage to humans, animals and objects. We will not provide any compensation for direct or indirect damage caused by our products, ingredients or for the products that you make using our products and ingredients.